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This Sunday, 12th February, we'll be posting our 60 word ficlets for The Solitary Cyclist.

A beautiful young music teacher comes to Baker Street, determined to ask for Holmes’ assistance. She is being regularly followed by a mysterious cyclist as she herself cycles along a lonely stretch of road. Who is this man, and what does he want with her..?

If you haven't tried 60 for 60 before, full information - including our schedule - can be found on our profile. But in essence: you read ACD's story and then you write a 60 word story inspired by it! You don't have to post a story every week - just join in whenever you feel like it.

Each Sunday we will also have our weekly discussion post, where we discuss a topic inspired by the canon story. And there’s Mrs. Hudson's Poetry Page too - any poems written about this week’s story can be left as a comment on her post. There's no Rachel this week, but instead there will be a new poetry form to try: the blitz poem.

You can choose one activity, or have a go at everything. Or just come along and read the 60s! (And have a chat in the comments.) All options are absolutely fine.

Hope to see you on Sunday. But don’t worry if you can’t join us then - we stay open for posting and commenting all week!