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This Sunday, 19th February, we'll be posting our 60 word ficlets for The Adventure of Black Peter.

And so we rejoin Holmes and Watson, just as Holmes has returned home from stabbing a dead pig with a harpoon. But this is not as odd as it first appears—it seems it’s to do with investigating the murder of Captain Peter Carey. Will Holmes be able to discover the murderer? (And bring home the bacon?)

If you haven't tried 60 for 60 before, full information - including our schedule - can be found on our profile. But in essence: you read ACD's story and then you write a 60 word story inspired by it! You don't have to post a story every week - just join in whenever you feel like it.

Each Sunday we will also have our weekly discussion post, where we discuss a topic inspired by the canon story. And there’s Mrs. Hudson's Poetry Page too - any poems written about this week’s story can be left as a comment on her post. Rachel is still on secondment to Mycroft Holmes unfortunately, but there will be a new poetry form to try: the compound word verse.

You can choose one activity, or have a go at everything. Or just come along and read the 60s! (And have a chat in the comments.) All options are absolutely fine.

Hope to see you on Sunday. But don’t worry if you can’t join us then - we stay open for posting and commenting all week!