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The Devil's Foot: Holiday Planning

Canon Story: The Devil's Foot
Title: Holiday Planning (as featured in the Marylebone Illustrated)
Rating: G

For those of you who are looking for a quiet holiday we would suggest Poldhu Bay in Cornwall.  From there it is possible to explore the picturesque coastline of Mounts Bay, together with the rolling moors and small old-world villages with their ancient churches.  The area is peaceful and ideal for any who wish for a break from their troubles.

The Devil's Foot: What If...?

Author: debriswoman
Canon tale: The Devil's Foot
Word Count: 60
Rating: General

What if...?

Dr Leon Sterndale read her final note again;
Such tiresome correspondence,
All her pleas were sent in vain.
His heart remained in foreign lands;
His work, his home, his wife.
He tired of lovestruck Cornish spinsters
Cluttering his life.
An ally in the church,
A plot,
Unmatched by any other;
The devil's foot, revealed by chance,
Her jealous, bitter brother...

The Devil's Foot/Gen

Author: okapi1895
Story: The Devil’s Foot

Rating: Gen

Author’s Note: Reference to Doyle’s experiment taking increasing doses of the poison genseminum, which he stopped due to the ‘persistent and prostrating diarrhoea’ and which he wrote about to the British Medical Journal in 1879 (full letter to the BMJ under the cut).

We waited for the room to clear. I made to rise from the grass plot, but fell back, weak.

Holmes winced and muttered, “Unjustifiable!”

At seeing him so frightfully raw, I took his hand. “My dear Holmes, that business with the gelseninum was far more troublesome. Remember the chamber pots?”

His dry reply heartened me. “I’m sure Mrs. Hudson does.”

Doyle's letter to the BMJCollapse )

The Devil’s Foot: Among Savages

Title: The Devil’s Foot: Among Savages
Author: gardnerhill
Word Count: 60
Rating: G
Warning: None.
Summary: Dr. Leon Sterndale didn’t specify, did he?


Some Cornishmen doused coastal warning lights to lure ships to ruin, to salvage the wrecks.

I cannot marry my love because of this land’s outdated laws.

A man poisons his siblings – murders my darling – over a little money.

I must return to central Africa, to brave hunters and clever weavers and beautiful children. I have lived too long among savages.

The Devil's Foot: Visions

Canon Story: The Devil's Foot
Title: Visions
Author: scfrankles
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: “Yet there they sat, driven clean mad with terror, and Brenda lying dead of fright…” ...a thick, musky odour, subtle and nauseous. At the very first whiff of it my brain and my imagination were beyond all control.

The monster loomed over the ship.

The Nobleman and the Knight had already succumbed to terror. The Princess brandished her sword but waves rose and crashed down onto her.

As the water brought death though, she finally comprehended the name of the sorcerer and she used her own magic.

“Mortimer,” whispered the Princess.

And far away, the Lion heard her.

A/N: Brenda: probably not from Brendan, which means “prince”. But possibly from the Old Norse name Brandr, which means "sword". Owen: probably a Welsh form of Eugene, which means “well born”. George: the patron saint of England. A Roman soldier, who in legend fought a dragon. Leon: from the Greek, meaning “lion”. Mortimer: from the Old French, “dead sea”.
Welcome once again to my poetry page!

I hope each week you will read Dr. Watson’s delightful narrative and then be inspired to write a poem related to it in some way. All forms of poetry are permitted, and further down the page there is a selection you might like to consider using over the coming weeks.

This week my featured form is a type of Cornish verse.

Definition and ExampleCollapse )

As always, this is simply something to consider for the future. Any form of poetry is welcome this week—and every week! Here are a few suggestions for you:

221B verselet, abecedarian poetry, acrostic poetry, alexandrine, beeswing, blackout poetry, blues stanza, bref double, call and response, chastushka, cinquain, circular poetry, clerihew, colour poems, concrete poetry, Cornish verse, curtal sonnet, diamante, doggerel, double dactyl, ekphrasis, elegiac couplet, englyn, epigram, epulaeryu, Etheree, fable, found poetry, ghazal, haiku, kennings poem, lanturne, limerick, lyric poetry, palindrome poetry, pantoum, poem cycle, quintilla, renga, riddle, rime couée, Schüttelreim, sedoka, septet, sestina, sonnet, tanka, tercet, terza rima, tongue twister poetry, triolet, tyburn, villanelle

Please leave all your poems inspired by The Devil’s Foot in the comments on this post. I look forward to seeing them!

Warm regards,

Mrs. Hudson

Canon Discussion: The Devil's Foot

This week we’re having a look at The Devil’s Foot. I’ve typed up a few thoughts and questions to get the discussion going—please leave your own ideas in the comments!

Discussion continues...Collapse )
This Sunday, 22nd November, we'll be posting our 60 word ficlets for The Devil's Foot.

Holmes has been ordered to take a complete rest for the sake of his health and so he and Watson are staying in Cornwall. But even here crime finds the great detective - a woman has been apparently terrified to death, while two of her brothers have been driven insane. Could this be a case of "diabolical intrusions into the affairs of men"..?

If you haven't tried 60 for 60 before, full information - including our schedule - can be found on our profile. But in essence: you read ACD's story and then you write a 60 word story inspired by it! You don't have to post a story every week - just join in whenever you feel like it.

Each Sunday we will also have our weekly discussion post, and Mrs. Hudson's Poetry Page. Any poems inspired by this week’s story can be left as a comment on her post.

You can choose one activity, or have a go at everything. Or just come along and read the 60s! (And have a chat in the comments ^^) All options are absolutely fine.

Hope to see you on Sunday ^^

The Devil's Foot: Dr Moore Agar

Canon Story: The Devil's Foot
Author: thesmallhobbit
Rating: G

Dr Moore Agar
Recommended a trip afar
Had he known the twist this would take
He would never have suggested the break
Canon Story: The Devil's Foot
Title: A Dramatic Introduction
Author: thesmallhobbit
Rating: G

It is not often that an eminent physician is asked to participate in a subterfuge in order to trap a dangerous criminal.  Even less often does this result in the afore-mentioned physician and a certain consulting detective being held hostage.  Holmes may at times call into question my success at disguise; he has never regretted my use in a fight.


Sherlock Holmes: 60 for 60

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